Cash is Still King with Consumers
Implications for retailers based on cash usage

With consumers continuing to value cash as part of their payment choices, can you increase the efficiency of your cash management processes to optimize cost and focus more on your customers?

While electronic payments like mobile and virtual currency tend to dominate contemporary payment discussions, cash is still the dominant form of currency for most consumers worldwide, accounting for 85% of all global retail transactions.

But the challenge for retailers – from large hypermarkets through to small convenience stores – is making the cash process streamlined and more efficient, as well as a more satisfying experience for the customer. To understand the importance of cash to global shoppers, Glory commissioned a research study among US, UK and Australian consumers.

The Cash Connection report:

  • Examines how consumers use cash
  • Explores the impact on retailers’ cash management strategies
  • Provides helpful advice to retailers on managing the flow of physical currency through their business, to ensure cash performs for them now, as well as long into the future.

Research highlights

85% of US consumers feel more comfortable using cash than any other payment method.

61% trust cash over making mobile transactions, with just 18% trusting other forms of electronic payment over cash.

64% use cash now just as much or more as they did a year ago.

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